The Perverse Worship of Satanic Sins

by Anal Blasphemy / Forbidden Eye

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Joulupukki This split release between Suomen, band Anal Blasphemy and Suisse and American band Forbidden Eye, a visceral and primal form of BM, Ice like razor riffs displays a great feral rawness of each band presented here. and vocals delivered with a venomous approach. The production is at the raw end of the spectrum, which I like very much. Each track is well written and I like the discordant tempo changes in the songs here within. All in all a very powerful release.
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The unholy union of two continents against the modern world under the banner of the horned one! Through the celebration of carnal Satanic sin, Finnish ANAL BLASPHEMY and Swiss/American FORBIDDEN EYE form the monastery of Satan, performing seven tracks of venomous Satanic black metal, exclusive to this split, jointly titled "The Perverse Worship of Satanic Sins."

The prolific ANAL BLASPHEMY deliver their trademark filth & fury with their three tracks, once again proving that the foulest deeds are the elixir of (un)life. Although comparatively newer, FORBIDDEN EYE make an impact with their four songs of cold, cruel grimness, wielding an iron fist for a name not soon forgotten.

Offer obeisance to "The Perverse Worship of Satanic Sins," for in death will this world find peace, embraced by the leathery wings.. Limited 100 DIGIPACK version available only through NIGHT IN TERRORS webshop. Limited vinyl version released later this year.


released February 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Night In Terrors Records Tampere, Finland

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Track Name: Anal Blasphemy - Licking The Cunt of Chaos
This world is in turmoil
Waiting for the apocalyptic release
War is the only reality
of the marching nations and of great minds

I'm licking the cunt of chaos
and waiting for my Lord's reign
In a vortex of insanity
I'm licking the cunt of chaos

This world will burn
in the rising flames of severed devotions
War is the only reality
of human nature deep withing

I'm licking the cunt of chaos
and waiting for my Lord's reign
In a vortex of insanity
I'm licking the cunt of chaos

Oh Satan, Liberator Divine
in death shall this world find peace
Holy death, release of the spirit
there we will find the unity
Track Name: Anal Blasphemy - Sperm of Satan, Antichrist Semen
Sperm of Satan, Antichrist Semen
Devil's Hammer, Burning Black Fire
This moist womb contaminated
This vulva penetrated with death

Amongst the ignorant herd
Fooled minds of the grand illusion
We strive for the forbidden eye
Above the meaningless carnal realm

We are His Legion
Sperm of Satan
We praise His name
Antichrist Semen

The Legion of Death
The Legion of Shadows
The Legion of Night
Legion of godless armageddon

We are His Poison
Sperm of Satan
We spread His Venom
Antichrist Semen

We are His essence
Sperm of Satan
We walk His path
Antichrist Semen
Track Name: Anal Blasphemy - Birth - Death - Rebirth
Awakened by the first rays of the sun
Blooming in the brightest colours
The ignited spark into fire
Air filled with scents for a predatory beast
of barbarian hunger

Facing the blazing dawn
without the stains of nights before
Standing proud and tall
ready to rule and conquer

After the days of fought bloodstained battles
comes the inevitable end to it all
When the eyes shine no more
and darkness consumes the soul

The glorious departure from the known world
Falling into the unknown reality
Through the rift of dimensions
Brothers, I'm coming to you
Satan, wait for my arrival

A new dawn I didn't know existed
A new step on the continous path
A new lecture in the teachings of existence
A new suffering battle to survive

Old scars still exist in the soul
Old prauyers will once again be called
Old wisdoms still linger to be known
Satan, in your glory I will burn